What We Do

At Luebeck Wealth Management, we utilize a service model centered around a "Strategy First" approach. This means we work to fully understand your financial goals and priorities while coming alongside you to develop an objective financial plan. Our plans incorporate the following essential elements:

  •  Insurance Planning/Risk Management
  • Investment and Accumulation Planning
  • Partnering with you and your CPA for Income tax planning
  • Retirement planning
    • Efficient distribution strategies
    • Tax friendly distribution
  • Estate Planning

We bring these elements together to build a strategy that meets your needs and goals while empowering you to make the right decisions for your future. This model allows us to build a relationship that facilitates the constant monitoring and updating of your plan, ensuring it stays a relevant blue print for you to follow. 


Luebeck Wealth Management Company What We Do

At Luebeck Wealth Management, our focus
is to help you and your business design and implement unique company retirement plans, executive bonus structures, employee benefit plans, and tax advantage strategies. We do this by providing comprehensive planning services and education opportunities for you and your employees one-on-one.

We realize the cost of both employee benefits as well as employee turnover. We want to work with you to retain your most valued asset, your people. Let us help you create a benefit strategy that shows your employees how much you care about their families and livelihood while moving your business to the next level.

Our philosophy is to implement strategies with the companies we work with, not products. Having full access to the financial services marketplace, we are able to present unbiased advice specific to your company’s unique situation. We want to create real relationships based off of value, trust and an integrated strategy.

Contact us today to learn about the strategies on how we have helped other companies
and their employees.