How We Serve

When we meet with you, we will follow a multi-step process to determine your financial goals. From there, we will develop a financial plan on how to achieve those goals, and then follow the steps to put that plan into action.

Step By Step Financial Planning - Luebeck Wealth Management


 Meeting #1 - Initial Consultation (30 Minutes)

When you meet with us, we listen to your concerns fully and extensively. Together, we determine if there are issues that need to be addressed, and walk through what you can expect when working with us.


Meeting #2 - Your Financial Story (90 Minutes)

Throughout this meeting, we have a conversation about your priorities, goals, and dreams. The focus is on you, your family, your business, and your legacy. Both qualitative and quantitative information is shared during this meeting.


Plan Development

During this step, we do a behind the scenes analysis of what we have learned from our first two meetings to construct a plan around your goals, needs and priorities. We work with our team to brainstorm the best plan for you, and how that plan can be put into action.


Meeting #3 - Plan Presentation

When we sit down for Meeting #3, we share with you the results of our analysis, how we came to the conclusion for your plan, and what the next steps look like in pursuing your goals. With your approval, we can begin to set the plan in motion.


Action (Most Important Step)

Your plan is only as good as the action behind it. This step is where the strategies presented are acted upon by you with us guiding you along the way (if you choose).


Scheduled Reviews

Lastly, we realize that your financial needs and goals will change as time goes on. Our team will continue to have regular reviews with you to make sure your financial plan continues to meet your needs, pursue your goals, and adjust your plan
as needed.